Is mining still profitable? (Opinion)

Recently I bought an Antminer S9 and placed it to run in a mining farm with cheap electricity yesterday. Today I can give you the rates of the last 24 hours and I will update this in January when 16th when I will place my net profit.

In the last 24 hours my miner worked at minimum once 10.5 TH/s and it capped three times at 15.5 TH/s. The miner produced 0.00214329 BTC which at the writing time the price is 41.27$. Now if we make the math we can see the approximate gains: If we multiply 40$ by 30 days we get 1,200$ per month. Let’s say that I will pay 200$ electricity so I should have a net profit of 1000$ if the Bitcoin price does not change. My opinion is that the price will raise even further and this will be very soon so I expect higher incomes. I will use the income I get and the money I currently have to buy another miner and then another one. I want to reach 10 S9 miners and 10 L3+ miners for Ethereum.

If Bitcoin price drops, I will just hold the produced BTC until it raises back to minimum 20,000$. If any one of the readers want proof of work please let me know via comments or email. Please also let me know, are you interested in starting a mining farm? If Bitcoin dies (not likely at all right now but still possible) I can move the S9 to mine some other cryptocurrency with SHA-256 encryption. Also I can sell the miner at any time because the demand is very high, at least in the country where I am currently.

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