Bitcoin trends

Bitcoin trends you have here against different competitors. What will you say about Bitcoin after this? Do you think it will die? I say no. It will skyrocket as soon as people see it. They will like it. If we are many whales have no chances. Bitcoin has it’s own system. All altcoin.

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Really, the boom is coming. Buy or hold, depending on your power.

Have fun, you just change after = with what you want (max 4) and see the truth. Bitcoin is smallĀ  and it will grow bigger.,amazon,google,facebook,ethereum,%2Fm%2F0mgkg,%2Fm%2F0dr90d,%2Fm%2F03nzf1

You think 2017 was year of Bitcoin? Think again

Everyone is saying how 2017 was year of Bitcoin having the biggest growth ever. I say think again, check the below table and think again because this is only the beginning:

Date Bitcoin Price Year-Over-Year Change
March 17, 2010 $0.003 N/A
December 31, 2010 $0.29 9,567%
December 31, 2011 $4.38 1,410%
December 31, 2012 $13.41 206%
December 31, 2013 $817.12 5,993%
December 31, 2014 $302.00 -63%
December 31, 2015 $429.78 42%
December 31, 2016 $958.24 123%
December 12, 2017 $16,699.68 1,643%

Does really 1,643% this year compare to 9,567% in 2010? How about 5,993% in 2013? I know that the year is not done but Bitcoin started to stabilize meaning is not as volatile as before. In all these years Bitcoin was on minus only only in 2014 because of the Mt. Gox fiasco. What growth do you think Bitcoin will have in 2018? In my opinion 2018 has the chance to overthrow the biggest growth until now of 9,567%.

As always, I wish you a happy and productive day,