Wall street journal article say that Bitcoin has to be 50,000 dollars by 2019

Wall street journal article say that Bitcoin has to be 50,000 by 2019 or it will lose the 1 million dollar train. Is it true? What do you think? Let me know please.


Why don’t we make this thing faster? We have the power to do it.

Check out this decentralized exchange


Bitcoin trends

Bitcoin trends you have here against different competitors. What will you say about Bitcoin after this? Do you think it will die? I say no. It will skyrocket as soon as people see it. They will like it. If we are many whales have no chances. Bitcoin has it’s own system. All altcoin.



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Really, the boom is coming. Buy or hold, depending on your power.


Have fun, you just change after = with what you want (max 4) and see the truth. Bitcoin is small  and it will grow bigger.




Bitcoin, last chance to buy cheap?

I am not a financial advisor but I truly think that Bitcoin will raise even more. Maybe it will drop a little bit more, but it will raise at some point very soon. We can start the raise faster and go with Bitcoin to glory by buying more Bitcoin if we have the cash to spend. We can start this faster with just one share, and nothing can stop this in any way, I promise you. If you don’t buy, hold and brace for the moon and beyond.

I want to present you some Bitcoin statistics per: day minus 6.2 percent, week minus 1.5 percent, month 96 percent, year 2,076.5 percent, all time 24,832,657.1 percent. Bitcoin’s first price was 0.08$ and it’s a growing kid right now. It will get to maturity just like internet did. Do you think Bitcoin will die or rise from now on? Maybe it’s your last good chance to buy cheap.

Do not believe me, please check out yourself. Bitcoin history. Take an all time chart and check how it grew from 0, day by day. It’s exactly like now well a little more unpredictable, now it’s very predictable in my opinion. It’s not a bubble. It’s up and down as it should. But there are also whales. Beware and still,

Last good chance. (My opinion)

This guy say it best. Why every cryptocurrencies are in red.

I found this video and I think this guy say it best. When to buy, when to sell and basically this guy say hodl. For Bitcoin enthusiasts they know why I did not type hold correctly.

No more add, enjoy the video:

Bitcoin Whales Move Billions Out of Cryptocurrency In Big Splash

Some translations to crypto jargon.

  • Whales are guys with lots of money in crypto. They have the power to move the market. Especially on smaller markets like IOTA.
  • FOMO means fear of missing out. This happens to newbies, they buy at ATH (all time high) and when the price drops they get scared. This gets me to my grammatical mistake.
  • HODL means just hold. In 2013 a guy was posting on BitcoinTalk why he will hodl his Bitcoin. This mistake became so popular that now it’s a crypto jargon.
  • Newbies are guys that are most likely to get scared when the price drops.

What will I do? I will hodl of course. The price will raise, just watch the video if you did not do it yet.  Keep in mind that neither me or this guy are financial advisors.

Where to get all your Bitcoin news in one place

Which is the best site to get all your Bitcoin news? Well my site of course. (I am joking)

I present you here a great site posted by user mtl1234 on Reddit. He created this so he can see in real time all Bitcoin news from major publishers. He decided to share this with the world and I thank him for that. It will save you a lot of time and help you if you are day trader. The site requires registration, according to the developer because it saves the settings you do on the account and when you come back it will be like it was when you left the site. You can do a random account with a random password just to be on the safe side.What do you think about this tool? Let me know in the comments or via email.

Have fun and if you are a reddit user please thank to the developer.


Decentralized peer to peer exchange. Coinbase time is over.

Today I want you to present and incredible concept that will truly revolutionize crypto trading. Why? Because it’s exactly how it should be, decentralized so it’s peer to peer.

Why peer to peer? It’s not controlled by anyone so no government can ask for your data like the US government did to Coinbase and other exchanges. Peer to peer means that people like the Mt. Gox CEO cannot steal from you. Peer to peer means it cannot be taken down because they would have to take down every single person using the system. I will stop it here and let the below video speak in my place. Please tell me your opinion about this either in comment or in an email.

https://www.altcoin.io/ and https://bisq.network/

The Bitcoin News Show #63 - Decentralized Exchanges

Is mining still profitable? (Opinion)

Recently I bought an Antminer S9 and placed it to run in a mining farm with cheap electricity yesterday. Today I can give you the rates of the last 24 hours and I will update this in January when 16th when I will place my net profit.

In the last 24 hours my miner worked at minimum once 10.5 TH/s and it capped three times at 15.5 TH/s. The miner produced 0.00214329 BTC which at the writing time the price is 41.27$. Now if we make the math we can see the approximate gains: If we multiply 40$ by 30 days we get 1,200$ per month. Let’s say that I will pay 200$ electricity so I should have a net profit of 1000$ if the Bitcoin price does not change. My opinion is that the price will raise even further and this will be very soon so I expect higher incomes. I will use the income I get and the money I currently have to buy another miner and then another one. I want to reach 10 S9 miners and 10 L3+ miners for Ethereum.

If Bitcoin price drops, I will just hold the produced BTC until it raises back to minimum 20,000$. If any one of the readers want proof of work please let me know via comments or email. Please also let me know, are you interested in starting a mining farm? If Bitcoin dies (not likely at all right now but still possible) I can move the S9 to mine some other cryptocurrency with SHA-256 encryption. Also I can sell the miner at any time because the demand is very high, at least in the country where I am currently.

As always, I wish you a happy and productive day,



You think 2017 was year of Bitcoin? Think again

Everyone is saying how 2017 was year of Bitcoin having the biggest growth ever. I say think again, check the below table and think again because this is only the beginning:

Date Bitcoin Price Year-Over-Year Change
March 17, 2010 $0.003 N/A
December 31, 2010 $0.29 9,567%
December 31, 2011 $4.38 1,410%
December 31, 2012 $13.41 206%
December 31, 2013 $817.12 5,993%
December 31, 2014 $302.00 -63%
December 31, 2015 $429.78 42%
December 31, 2016 $958.24 123%
December 12, 2017 $16,699.68 1,643%

Does really 1,643% this year compare to 9,567% in 2010? How about 5,993% in 2013? I know that the year is not done but Bitcoin started to stabilize meaning is not as volatile as before. In all these years Bitcoin was on minus only only in 2014 because of the Mt. Gox fiasco. What growth do you think Bitcoin will have in 2018? In my opinion 2018 has the chance to overthrow the biggest growth until now of 9,567%.

As always, I wish you a happy and productive day,