Bitcoin, last chance to buy cheap?

I am not a financial advisor but I truly think that Bitcoin will raise even more. Maybe it will drop a little bit more, but it will raise at some point very soon. We can start the raise faster and go with Bitcoin to glory by buying more Bitcoin if we have the cash to spend. We can start this faster with just one share, and nothing can stop this in any way, I promise you. If you don’t buy, hold and brace for the moon and beyond.

I want to present you some Bitcoin statistics per: day minus 6.2 percent, week minus 1.5 percent, month 96 percent, year 2,076.5 percent, all time 24,832,657.1 percent. Bitcoin’s first price was 0.08$ and it’s a growing kid right now. It will get to maturity just like internet did. Do you think Bitcoin will die or rise from now on? Maybe it’s your last good chance to buy cheap.

Do not believe me, please check out yourself. Bitcoin history. Take an all time chart and check how it grew from 0, day by day. It’s exactly like now well a little more unpredictable, now it’s very predictable in my opinion. It’s not a bubble. It’s up and down as it should. But there are also whales. Beware and still,

Last good chance. (My opinion)

Pizza which changed the world

Today I am going to talk about the pizza which changed the world.

Since it’s beginning, Bitcoin got mined by some early adopters. Those adopters were mining for nothing because Bitcoin had a value of 0 until someone did it. He managed to buy pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin. This is when Bitcoin value started and thus that pizza started the cryptomania thus changing the world and making lots of millionaires until today and probably in the future.

What do you think? Would Bitcoin be where it is right now if that pizza sale wouldn’t have happened?

As always, I wish you a happy and productive day,