Bitcoin trends

Bitcoin trends you have here against different competitors. What will you say about Bitcoin after this? Do you think it will die? I say no. It will skyrocket as soon as people see it. They will like it. If we are many whales have no chances. Bitcoin has it’s own system. All altcoin.

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Really, the boom is coming. Buy or hold, depending on your power.

Have fun, you just change after = with what you want (max 4) and see the truth. Bitcoin is small  and it will grow bigger.,amazon,google,facebook,ethereum,%2Fm%2F0mgkg,%2Fm%2F0dr90d,%2Fm%2F03nzf1

This guy say it best. Why every cryptocurrencies are in red.

I found this video and I think this guy say it best. When to buy, when to sell and basically this guy say hodl. For Bitcoin enthusiasts they know why I did not type hold correctly.

No more add, enjoy the video:

Bitcoin Whales Move Billions Out of Cryptocurrency In Big Splash

Some translations to crypto jargon.

  • Whales are guys with lots of money in crypto. They have the power to move the market. Especially on smaller markets like IOTA.
  • FOMO means fear of missing out. This happens to newbies, they buy at ATH (all time high) and when the price drops they get scared. This gets me to my grammatical mistake.
  • HODL means just hold. In 2013 a guy was posting on BitcoinTalk why he will hodl his Bitcoin. This mistake became so popular that now it’s a crypto jargon.
  • Newbies are guys that are most likely to get scared when the price drops.

What will I do? I will hodl of course. The price will raise, just watch the video if you did not do it yet.  Keep in mind that neither me or this guy are financial advisors.