Bitcoin is under attack. Will it resist?

In the past time Bitcoin has been under heavy attack by many types of people for many different reasons. Will bitcoin resist this thing or will it just die off?

In this post I will try to cover as many people and try to give you their reasons.

  1. Altcoin supporters. This category is covering lots of people, from developers up until fan boys/girls. They want Bitcoin to lose so their alt raises. These guys do not understand why Bitcoin is the best.
  2. People using futures. Those guys will just try to short Bitcoin to get as much money as possible. The problem with shorting (for them) is that at some point Bitcoin will raise because when you short in the back end you actually buy later.
  3. Banking system. The banking system is trying to bring down Bitcoin and all alts for that matter because these revolutionary technologies  steal their business.
  4. Media. Controlled by specific people who do not want Bitcoin to be what it can be.
  5. People who just want Bitcoin at a cheaper price. These guys just want to get their hand on more Bitcoins for cheaper price.

In my opinion until some altcoin does not get past Bitcoin in price and market cap, Bitcoin has all chances to prevail. Do not forget dear people, G20 summit is coming soon and Bitcoin is their main talk point. Before and after that meeting Bitcoin will rise to the skies because it will get media coverage and Bitcoin will receive more legitimacy. Let me know in comments what’s your opinion about this. Did I miss something? Will Bitcoin overcome these obstacles? In my opinion and taking into the account history of Bitcoin, I say that it will prevail and it will come stronger than ever.