Methods to make free money for your new Bitcoin

Everybody wants Bitcoin, but not everybody has the money to buy. Let’s check some methods to make money for Bitcoin. I will update this over time. There is no particular order. I may or may have not used these methods but I did research and I give you my research with updates.

  1. Make a site. You can make a site very easy these days. I will add soon some tutorials about this. It can be a blog, e-commerce, real news etc. You can monetize the site in different ways. I don’t do that here.

  2. Mining Bitcoin has been very good for miners with okay electricity prices but it has downsides, price, noise etc. There are options for this so this is still possible and profitable. Most miners who practiced hold became millionaires or more. It’s still early in mining. Really.

  3. Write a book about what you want. It can be 50-10000 pages and you can sell it online, in libraries, at expositions etc. You can combine the above with this to promote your book. You can tell your friends or they will find out if you followed this path and maybe they will spread the word also.

  4. If you know a second language you can teach with rate per hour. You can do the same for all other skills you might have. Also if you want to learn something the secret is to practice. Maybe you can teach two people at the same time. You must have many, many years of experience.

  5. Borrow from family. Maybe your family wants to help. Do not borrow more than half of your salary and pay as soon as possible. Also the number divides by two for each child in the family. Avoid high interest low term loans.

  6. Gambling you can gamble online or in real life depending on your region. This should not be used ever at the same time with borrowing. Seriously. Use your own excess money, you might loose them. Do not do it otherwise.

  7. Make a song. If you have voice or just musical ear you can use one of the many music programs to create something special. You can also replicate existing songs. That’s how you learn. Practice. You can also get authorization and sing in different places.

  8. There are dozens of affiliate systems for any interests you might have. Lots of people do not know about them even now. You can combine this with any of the above and more and it can bring a pretty nice income.

  9. Ads take time to build like many of these methods but nothing worth it comes easy. Even with Bitcoin some dreams were crushed while other where made. This did not changed. It still happens. Study the chart at the lowest level and you will see. It can be combined. I include pay to click sites here because have as low payment as ads. They can still be profitable combined with others or with hold. Faucets are also included here.

  10. You can do some videos and upload them everywhere. Combine this with the above and you make an online course for money. These things take effort but they can be achieved. It’s possible for those who want.

  11. Ask your friends if they need paid help with anything. Only real friends and do it right. Be the best, of course do this with all of the above but some more here please. Rules of the above apply everywhere.

  12. Investing in crypto or any other thing of value for you. You can spread your investment across many domains, that way if 2-3 fails you still have 10 others from which two things or more make an income. You have to learn for all of these. Marketing is an important skill for anything.

  13. Learning to program is probably the most important thing a person has to do in his life. The earlier the better but even at 80 years it’s still a must. Really. It teaches you how to think. It helps to prevent mental diseases. If you combine with a healthy life you can  live long, healthy and happy. The most important thing here is to pick a language and learn it as much as possible. After that you will learn another language or framework very easy because programming is the same. It’s logic.

To do most of these things you must have an iron character. If you don’t have you can learn. Anyone can learn with will. This was proven many times in history and present. The benefit is an extra income. Maybe even passive income if you play it right. That means real freedom because you do whatever you want with your life. The longer you wait the more it takes to get there.

This is it for now, I will update soon. Suggestions are welcome on email or comments. Thank you for reading, please share. There is enough for everybody. I mean it.

Bitcoin to the moon and beyond!

We are over seven billion and half people currently and only a fraction of that number is using Bitcoin currently.

Check out on Google:

One percent of the world have 99% of the world wealth!

(1%; 1/100=0.01; 0.01*7,600,000,000=76,000,000)

Out of those 1% only few tell you the truth! These people are heroes alive! They want you to have what they have because the truth is that there is enough for everybody!

One percenters about Bitcoin. Check it out, it's awesome!

Google trends, shows the search rates over a period of time. What if #Bitcoin has half of the facebook searches? What price do you think it will have?,amazon,paypal,facebook,google

It’s still early. It’s exactly like email was for postal services. Learn from history. It will have ups and downs but it will raise much more higher in the end. Maybe Bitcoin will crash at some point, but until then you will have a fortune to invest in other things and you will already have other investments.

Check out Amazon all time chart! What is Amazon price now compared to dotcom bubble? Go with the mouse over the line in the chart and it will tell you the price. Check 1990-2002 and check the price now!…527472.529512.0.529633.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.bA960sJkrg8

What is Bitcoin price compared to Amazon now? 17,440$ vs 1,179.14 at the time of writing this.

Bitcoin had it’s bubble in 2013 and it was man made (people used trading bots to increase the value of Bitcoin to make money, when people found out Bitcoin crashed and it stayed like that until last year, check out Mt. Gox story, the biggest Bitcoin exchange at that time)

Bitcoin is a store of value and right now a great investment. Do not lose the boom, it’s bigger than you can imagine. Even if it crashes it will be back up stronger than ever so do not invest money you need now. That way if it crashes you can wait it to go again up.  Share with everybody if you want this to happen faster! If not, you will just slow the progress but it will still happen sooner or later. Bitcoin is your own bank where you have 100% control. This comes with risks.